More Example Workpads!

Interested in trying Canvas out but don't know where to start? I don't know about you but I find it much easier to get started with a good set of examples. For that very reason I put together a number of examples. In this zip file you will find four example workpads and a python script to generate weather data.


This workpad is a very basic template, similar to a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. Feel free to click around the example, open up the code panel and see what Canvas is doing behind the scenes.

In order to generate the data, make sure you use makelogs to generate some fake data. You'll want to make sure the index pattern used in Kibana is logstash-*

User-Analytics.json & Finance-Report.json

These two example workpads are meant to be a bit more use case specific. You do not need to add any data sources, these are both powered completely by random data generated directly through the expression language. These examples show off the power of using Canvas without actually having data ingested. This makes for a very easy way to test your workpad concepts before introducing live data into the mix.


This workpad uses live weather data to conditionally control image assets. You will notice that as the weather changes both the background of the workpad and the icon will also adjust.

In order to generate the data, use the python script. You'll need to modify a few things in the script such as the elasticsearch URL, port, username / password, API key from and the place or places you'd like to pull data from. Make sure the index pattern used in Kibana is weather

Beware, this python code is terrible and meant for the copy and paste coder. Canvas is a no judgement zone :-)